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Pulse International, incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2020, is dedicated to the growth and advancement of international safety and security in higher education. The organization is a collaborative and diverse member-led network, with the mission to unite international safety and security professionals to advance best practice and information sharing among members. Through increased awareness on the benefits of positions that are primarily dedicated to international safety and security, and membership in the organization itself, the field has experienced consistent and significant growth. Since Pulse’s initial inception in 2010, the number of professionals in international safety and security in higher education has increased ten-fold. As of June 2023, Pulse International has over one-hundred and sixty members, representing over one-hundred organizations/institutions from five countries (Australia, Canada, South Africa, Spain, and the United States).
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The Pulse Board of Directors are elected from the membership and charged with the overall management and control of the organization.

President & Chair – Ashley Krutz (Florida State University)

Vice President & Clerk – Shaun M. Jamieson (Iowa State University)

Director & Treasurer – Kara Amoratis (Rutgers University)

Director – Kevin Dostal Dauer (University of Minnesota)

Director – Jason Hope (University of Kentucky)

Director – Jessica Miller (University of Texas System)
Director – Allie Oberoi (Virginia Tech)

Director – Christine Sprovieri (Brown University)
Director – Vanessa Sterling (CET Academic Programs)
Parliamentarian (ex officio) - Seth Tucker (Syracuse University)

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Chair of Board - Ashley Krutz (Florida State University)
Chair of Professional Development Committee - Andrea Drake (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Chair of Finance Committee - Kara Amoratis (Rutgers University)

Chair of IT & Communications Committee - Benjamin Cluff (Brigham Young University)

Chair of Parliamentary Committee - Seth Tucker (Syracuse University)
Chair of Onboarding & Membership Committee - Jaime Molyneux (University of Pennsylvania)

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