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The Pulse Board of Directors are elected from the membership and charged with the overall management and control of the organization.

President/Chair – Ashley Krutz (Florida State University)
Director – Allie Oberoi (Virginia Tech)
Director – Vanessa Sterling (CET Academic Programs)
Director – Jason Hope (University of Kentucky)
Director & Treasurer – Kara Amoratis (Rutgers University)
Director & Clerk – Shaun M. Jamieson (Iowa State University)
Director – Christine Sprovieri (Brown University)
Parliamentarian (ex officio) - Seth Tucker (Syracuse University)

the team


Chair of Board - Ashley Krutz (Florida State University)
Chair of Professional Development Committee - Kevin Dostal Dauer (University of Minnesota)
Chair of Finance Committee - Kara Amoratis (Rutgers University)

Chair of IT & Communications Committee - Shaun M. Jamieson (Iowa State University)

Chair of Parliamentary Committee - Seth Tucker (Syracuse University)
Chair of Onboarding & Membership Committee - Jaime Molyneux (University of Pennsylvania)

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